Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Goodbye February!

Finally! If not for the fact that Hubs was born in February, I'd find absolutely nothing redeeming about the month whatsoever.  So basically, as far as I'm concerned, February should be officially over after the 3rd.  Valentine's Day?  Puh-leeeeeze.  I'll take the sunshine and blossoms of March -- even with the requisite reappearance of the dreaded gnats and mosquitos -- over schmaltzy cards and hearts and flowers and candy any day.

There was one thing I really, really enjoyed about this particular February, though.  Even though I didn't quite get my Valentine's decor up for the holiday, for the first time ever I did some "in-between" decorating.  You know, decorating for that odd time in between Christmas and spring? And since I intend to bust out the spring pretties this weekend, I thought now would be a good time to share my most favorite element of my in-between decorations:

Jealous much of my uber-textured walls?  Thought so....

I found the sweet little industrial work-light cage at a flea market near my mom's house back in the summer.  It was love at first sight, but then it sat kind of random and forlorn on top of my bookshelf for a couple of months until I hit upon the idea of flipping it upside down to hold one of my Christmas floral arrangements.  I liked the look so much I actually went out in search of red-but-non-wintery flowers to use once Christmas was over, and now some pretty yellow spring flowers are waiting their turn to go on display. 

And yeah, I realize that in these pictures you can totally tell that the flowers are wayyyy fake.  But from where I sit on the couch, a good 12 feet or so away, it looks pretty darn awesome.  So awesome, in fact, that it's possibly my favorite accessory in the whole house. 

Call me cheesy, but I also like to change out the books underneath it according to the season.  I read a LOT and have, ahem, perhaps a teeeeeeensy bit of book overflow going on up in here, so books are incorporated into the decor out of both abiding affection and sheer necessity. So for in-between / Valentine's decorating, you can see my light-cage vase is perched on books with a love theme.  The one on the bottom, by the way, is a poetry compilation entitled "essential love" which features one of my mother-in-law's poems -- a poem which was written about Hubs as an infant.  Collective awwwwwwwww :)

I'm actually in the process of restyling these shelves (there are 2 of them, 1 flanking each side of the tv stand)...or rather, have been in the process for the last 3 weeks or so.  I have about half of each done.  Previously they were filled with the cd collection of two avid audiophiles with quite eclectic taste, so it's been a big transition to say the least, but I'm loving how much less chaotic the space looks without eleventy-gazillion cd's taking up every square inch of space. Aw heck, as long as I'm here, maybe I'll share a few in-progress shots, since I've gravitated towards putting so many of my other favorite and meaningful things on these particular shelves....

This guy sitson the top shelf, although that may or may not be his final resting place.  He began life as a severely chipped, poorly painted piece of ceramic that I paid about 25 cents for at a local thrift.  I was compelled to bring him home because my Dad used to sort of collect eagle things, and this one was just calling out to me.  My first inclination was to spray paint him, but then inspiration hit in the form of my tube of silver Rub n Buff.  Not only does the silver look great AND add a much needed shot of metallic into my living room, it also makes the piece even more meaninful to me, since Dad spent a number of years when I was young working for Silver Eagle Mines. (that's a coal mine, for those unfamiliar with my family history.  and yes, I am proud to be a coal miner's daughter -- cue very  off-key caterwauling of a Loretta Lynn classic!)

In case you were wondering, the eagle's name is Clyde.  Because the most impressive, 2 foot tall specimen in my dad's collection of eagles was named Clyde.  In fact, I'm pretty sure that any and all animals in his collections were named Clyde.  Probably due to his fondness for the Every Which Way But Loose movies.  But I digress.  Severely.

The other side of the shelf has another Dad item -- one of his folding mason's rules.  In addition to being a coal miner, Dad was also hands-down the most talented brick mason I've ever seen.  Next time I'm in Mom's living room, I'll have to remember to snap a few photos of the triple-arched brick wall he built.  A bunch of his old mason's tools were sitting in a 5 gallon bucket in Mom's basement, covered with about 3 solid inches of dirt and grime, so with her permission I liberated a few during one of my visits.

Although styling shelves drives me batty because I never seem to be completely satisfied with any arrangement I devise, I'm actually feeling really good about this one right now.  Here's a full snap of the top of the left bookshelf:

The kerosene lantern belongs to Hubs and therefore has lived here for longer than I have. 

The little vintage clock was my great-great Aunt Ardelia's (of mirror fame -- and no, I still haven't figured out what to do with that mirror).
The apothecary jar was a yard sale find that currently houses whatever random detritus I thought might work for in-between decorating time. 

The photograph is one of my all-time faves -- Hubs' family circa 1970.  I love the daily reminder of how much my Little Dude looks like Hubs (the littlest dude in the photo) as a boy.  He's clearly destined to grow up to be one Handsome Dude!

The shelf itself (and its mate on the other side) was built by Hubs shortly after we were married. They are a bit rustic but with clean modern lines and Ilovethemsomuch.

The chopstick (frequently employed as a hot-glue smusher / glue gun burn preventer) and guitar pick are not intentional elements of the decor, just good examples of the kind of random crap that winds up on my shelves in the course of daily living.  Sweet Pea's hair barrettes in particular seem to be breeding up there.

So, yeah, 3 shelves down, 3 more to go....hopefully I'll have completeds to share before the next "in-between" season arrives!

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  1. No wonder I relate to you - a book hoarder with eclectic taste in music! Oh, and loves anything that connects to her dad. I think the shelves look great and love the seasonal flower holder!