Saturday, November 5, 2011

Impromptu Fall Photo Shoot

Today was an absolutely gorgeous fall day, full of sunshine and high temps around 70, so the kids and I were determined to enjoy it to the max.

Sweet Pea can be such a fashionista, so when she decided to don her favorite red "dress" (actually a woman's size small shirt that we bought in a fit of desperation when she needed something red to wear for her school's Red Ribbon Day) and cowboy boots, I was more than happy to oblige her request for a photo. Even though the sun was a bit to bright for great picture taking, the kids were so darn cute that "a" photo turned into around 200 photos!

She wanted to pose by the tree:

I suggested we move over to the slide:

Can't leave out the Little Dude!

Sweet Pea always wants to pose and cheese, so I was snapping surreptitiously while pushing the Little Dude on the swing:

This might be my favorite:

I was trying to shepherd them over to a particularly picturesque part of the yard, but someone would rather climb over the fence where he knows he's not supposed to go. Look at that mischevious grin!

And now for the challenge of trying to get a nice posed shot of the two of them together in the spot I liked, when I know I have about 30 seconds' worth of Little Dude patience left:

 The Little Dude is long gone, and even Sweet Pea is getting fed up with me:

 He'd climbed in the plastic swing that's tied to a tree limb.  Here he is making his sleepy face while waiting for a push:

 But he's never to sleepy to kick the ol' boots off and enjoy a wild barefoot ride in the big swing before nap time!

Picasa didn't feel like letting me edit photos tonight, so these are all straight out of the camera.  I'm really looking forward to making a few adjustments and getting some sweet frameables out of today's impromptu photo session.  If I'd actually planned it, they wouldn't have turned out nearly this good!

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  1. Lucky you! Sunshine and cute, tiny tykes all at once!